Connect with local people!

ぐろーばるAkita is the international community in Akita, aims to connect international and local people. Now more than 3,000 international people live in Akita, and we want to increase the opportunity to exchange their culture with local people in Akita.

What we do in ぐろーばるAKITA?

Inbound Tourism

Originally we have been doing the inbound tourism business in Akita. Organizing DMO, making PV of local tourism, and promoting the local tour for tourists from overseas.

Community Management

We have FB group for international people and local people in Akita. Also we will hold cultural exchange event. (Considering the situation of COVID-19 in Akita, we will decide the first day of the event).

YouTube Page

The organizer of ぐろーばるAKITA, HIRO is sharing the life in Akita on YouTube page “ヒロの田舎暮らし/HIRO-Local Life in Japan-“


Coordinator:Hiroshi Susaki (ぐろーばるAKITA)
〒019-0505 Super Mall Lucky 22-1 Higashi Niida Jumonjimachi Yokote city, AKITA, JAPAN.